Rangers officer escapes suicide attack. (Karachi)
Three more officials, tribal elder kidnapped. (Quetta)
Two women gunned down. (Rawalpindi)
Explosive jammers installed on Quetta-bound train. (Rawalpindi)
Newsman’s brother shot dead. (Khuzdar)
Several hurt in University of Peshawar clash over Valentine’s Day celebrations. (Peshawar)
Blast leaves 8 injured in Peshawar. (Peshawar)
Lawyer burnt in acid attack by husband. (Lahore)



Blast leaves 13 police commandos dead, 50 injured. (Karachi)
Firing, shelling prevent Sindh University students from holding rally. (Hyderabad)
Non-payment of compensation to church blast victims irks Supreme Court. (Islamabad)
Killing condemned. (Lahore)
Terrorist threats force Peshawar cinemas to close. (Peshawar)
Two senior officials kidnapped. (Quetta)
Four kidnap suspects killed in “crossfire”. (Lahore)
Flames of rage claim four lives. (Dera Ghazi Khan)
[13 year old] Maid found dead at employer’s house. (Lahore)
A sister sobs her heart out. (Lahore)
Mobile phone jammer in train. (Lahore)
Culprits in Gujrat terror attacks traced. (Gujrat)
Robbers have a “field day’. (Kasur)
Girl’s nose chopped off over marriage proposal refusal. (Bahawalnagar)

Anti-Taliban activist killed with 7 relatives, guest. (Peshawar)
Missing person: police report points finger at Inter-Services Intelligence. (Islamabad)
Five policemen sentenced to death for killing four traders. (Karachi)
Police ordered not to harass slain MQM worker’s family. (Karachi)
Four “gangsters” killed in Malir. (Karachi)
Taliban threaten Ismailis, Chitrali tribe. (Islamabad)
Gulzar Masih unable to come to terms with son’s death [in custody]. (Islamabad)
Acid attack survivors display their photographs. (Islamabad)
Tribunal starts mass graves probe. (Quetta)
Blast near retired police officer’s house. (Dera Murad Jamali)
313 deaths in 17 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attacks since Sept 9. (Peshawar)
One killed in Wadh, two injured in Khuzdar (Khuzdar)
Security guard killed by robber. (Lahore)
Fake police gang involved in kidnap for ransom busted. (Lahore)
High court seeks report on unleashing of dogs on boy. (Lahore)
Man forced to divorce wife after train chase. (Sahiwal)
Four injured in mills steam. (Layyah)

40 killed in North Waziristan air strikes. (Miramshah/Bannu)
Karachi killing halts polio vaccination (3 more anti-polio workers killed
36 foreign fighters among dead. (Islamabad)
Bloodbath as another pilgrims’ bus attacked in Balochistan: 24 killed, 41 injured in suicide-car assault. (Quetta)
Four children killed in fire. (Lahore)
Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff visit Combined Military Hospital to meet people injured in blast. (Rawalpindi)
Gove unable or unwilling to stop terrorist attacks: Human Rights Watch. (Islamabad)
Another extortionists gang traced. (Islamabad)
Cheques handed to blast injured. (Rawalpindi)

The daily litany of horrors goes on and on. If you don’t believe me, check out https://www.dawn.com

The tragedy is that the people become immune, take it for granted, and no longer recognise these acts for what they are, an affront to human dignity. Most people in Pakistan and around the world are good and decent. The forces of violence and evil are a minority. Goodness and decency will prevail, but the cost in human suffering and lives and damage to the social and physical environment is high.  May we have the courage to accept it and transform our world.


3 thoughts on “Newspaper Headlines from The Dawn

  1. Sandie Cornish

    So much suffering! I remember at one point in the late 1980s I had to stop reading Sri Lankan newsletters for a while. It was so distressing and overwhelming that it was disempowering. But we can’t just look away, can we?


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