Welcomed back to St Paul’s Parish, Shadbagh

Today I concelebrated the Sunday Mass with Fr George, the Parish Priest of St Paul’s Parish, Shadbagh, where I had worked from 1990 to 2000.  It was a great joy to be among the people again.  Fr George too is an old friend.  The welcome all around was very heart-warming!

2014-02-16 17.45.41

View of the main entrance doors and facade of St Paul’s Church/Community Hall.






2014-02-16 15.05.10

Fr George preaching to the congregation.

2014-02-16 16.34.03

Weighed down with garlands of roses and paper decorations, being greeted and hugged by parishioners, being photographed like a film star! With the proliferation of mobile phones, every one can be a paparazzi! Now I know how celebrities feel!
















2014-02-16 16.41.22

The women, too, wanted their fair share of photographs with the celebrity visiting priest/returned prodigal son.







2014-02-16 16.51.21

There had been “First Communions” during the Mass. To finish off, I was asked to do a baptism! In the last few days I have administered three of the seven sacraments, baptism, reconciliation and eucharist. It is years since I have been a pastor in a parish, so I am enjoying the opportunity to minister.
And no, I am not hunch-backed! The hump in my back under the chasuble is the rolled collar of my fleecy jacket!!!



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