Bucharest – First Impressions

I have arrived safely in Bucharest.  My niece met me at the airport and I will be staying with her and her partner for the next few days.

My first impressions of Romania started on the flight in.  We were flying over cloud cover.  On the descent, we went through cloud till a couple of hundred metres above land.  The surrounding country appeared flat and green.

On landing, the dominant impression continues to be grey.  The sky is overcast and grey.  It is spotting rain.  The trees are bare.  But after all, it is the tail end of winter!  Taxi from the airport, quite a few grey concrete buildings. 

To be fair, I am told that the other seasons are very beautiful, the landscape covered in winter snow, or the greenery of the summer.  This just happens to be the least attractive time of the year.  I am sure it is true.  Even in the greyness, I could see the green of the fields, so know that the winter rains will make for a lush countryside.  Over the weekend we hope to do some sight seeing, and in the next couple of days I will see something of the city. 

Till next time!   


2 thoughts on “Bucharest – First Impressions

  1. Maureen Sexton rsm

    nice to log in each weekend and read what has been happening for you. What a wonderful opportunity


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