Meal out in Lahore

During our Columban meeting in Lahore we had one night when we went out for a meal. There were very few “Western” restaurants when I had been there. Now there is a street of boutique shops and quite a few restaurants, all new to me. The decor and setting were very nice. The variety of food was great. The meal was excellent. It was a side of Lahore that was new to me. I shows that life has become very up market for the very well-to-do!!!

One thing I noticed was people smoking in the restaurant, something I had not seen (or smelled) in years! I saw two men at a table across from us smoking cigars! I noticed a woman also smoking a cigarette. Both scenes were novel to me. I had never seen either in Lahore before.

However, since my visit to Romania, I have seen that smoking in restaurants is quite common there. Even if there is a non-smoking section, it is in the same room as the smoking section!! People smoking won’t be at the table next to you, unless of course you are on the edge of the smoking section!!! So at the end of my stay in Romania, my clothes and my hair smell of smoke!! And my throat is a bit raspy!!


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