Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I arrived in Granada on a morning flight, settled into a hotel and set out to find my bearings in this lovely Andalusian town.  I booked a tour of the Alhambra for the following morning, famous fort of the Muslim rulers of Andalus. As per my custom, I visited the Cathedral.  I also visited the Basilica of St John of God


Urn containing the remains of St John of God

(I had known the Sisters of St John of God in Pakistan and enjoyed their friendship and hospitality on many occasions, so this was a chance to offer prayers for them before the relics of the founder of their order, also of the brothers of St John of God, both orders following the charism of their founder who was known especially for running hospitals to care for patients.  Naturally, I remembered especially my brother, John, in palliative care in Clare Hospital in South Australia, and his family who have been caring for him and keeping vigil.  I was about to set out to meet the Friends of the Camino of Santiago di Compostela to make the final arrangements for my Camino when ….



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