The funeral of my brother, John McInerney, took place in the local Catholic Church of Manoora, South Australia on Thursday the 29th of March. Four generations of family gathered to celebrate his life and bid him farewell, including children and their partners, grandchildren, siblings, aunt, nephews, nieces and cousins from both sides and friends and neighbours from communities near and far. In addition, we were supported by many messages of condolence and assurances of prayers from around Australia and around the world. I was the principal celebrant for the Mass – a difficult task but also a great privilege – and was supported by many brother priests, including Columbans, Jesuits and diocesan. The gathering and solidarity of so many people from near and far was an indiction of how many lives John had touched. Their presence was a great tribute to a good man and a consolation to his family.

John McInerney R.I.P.

John McInerney R.I.P.


2 thoughts on “Funeral

  1. Lorraine Murphy

    Dear Patrick

    Always hard to say ‘goodbye’ however must have been a great consolation to you and all John’s family to have such a beautiful Requiem.

    May your brother John now Rest in Peace.

    Love & prayer from

    Lorraine & Peter

    Lorraine Murphy ocds

    (M) 0407 691 576

    Skype: fourcrns


    A civilised society gives equal respect and value to every member even if they are useless in economic, cultural or intellectual terms. (Laurence Freeman)


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