Camino Begins

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I began the Camino pilgrim journey in the name of the Holy Trinity. I woke early and set off for “point zero”, the Convent mentioned earlier. When I arrived there, some workers doing renovations told me I couldn’t go in to the church as Mass was being said for the enclosed Sisters. I started my prayer ritual standing outside, then one of them relented and said I could go inside. Sure enough, the priest was offering Mass for the Sisters who were seated behind an iron grille. I took a place just inside the door, trying not to be a distraction, in the pews behind the priest. He seemed to preach at some length! At Communion time I went forward and received communion. I was delighted to have been able to start my pilgrimage by attending Mass. Afterwards, I followed the priest into the sacristy, explained that I was starting the Camino pilgrimage and asked for his blessing, which he was happy to give.

Later, I had my photograph taken on the street outside, underneath the plaque which inaugurates the Camino. The text reads (from my guide book):

Pilgrim, you who are beginning the the Camino de Santiago here, are at the starting point of the Mozarabic Way, which introduces us to the medieval cult of St James.
May God’s blessing and the protection of St James accompany you on your journey to the apostle’s tomb. You can be assured of the love and prayers of the friends of the Camino do Santiago and of the community of the Cmendadores in this monastery.
Granada, Feast of St James the Apostle, 2000 AD, Jubilee Year.



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