Granada to Pinos Puente

The weather forecast for Granada was rain all day, and so it was, but it seemed only in Granada! There was slight rain as I walked out of the city, but it fizzled out on the edge of the city, so that for most of the rest of the day, I walked in pleasant, cool, sunny weather.

I was surprised at the precision of the path to follow. It is not just getting from point A to point H, but it is getting there by going right along B, left along C, crossing D and keeping straight on, forking left at E, turning right at F, then left at G, to arrive at H. And the same in the rural area, follow this track, along this fence, cross at this point.

On reflection, it makes sense. The pilgrim follows a particular path. It is marked by yellow signs, sometimes the conch shell, symbol of the Santiago Camino, or simply by a yellow arrow.



The above stickers are of recent design. The older signs are simply arrows painted on rocks along the way.


So one simply follows the markings to get to the destination. There is no need to read a map as such, which would take in the whole district. One simply follows the arrows!

I could not help but think of the Gospel injunction,

“Follow me, and you will have the light of life” (Jn 8:12)

Or “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Mt 4:19)

I found comfort in the more personal meaning, that I am following a person, rather than an arrow!

However, I do confess, that after walking “straight on” for some distance without seeing an arrow, it is a great comfort to find one again. It gives reassurance that one is not lost! That one is on the right way! Because if you do get lost, then it can be a matter of backtracking to try to find the way again, all of which is extra effort!

I arrived in Pinos Peunte in the afternoon. Both my old guide and the e-version proved wrong, as the promised overnight pension no longer existed. But the arrows led the way to an albergue (pilgrim accommodation), very basic, where I spent my first night.



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