Pinos Puente to Moclin

The second day was walking mostly through olive orchards. Again, a pleasant, sunny day. The major irritation was at times mud clinging to the boots, adding weight and imbalance!

I have found the walking poles very useful. They provide balance. There are always two points of contact with the ground – left pole and right foot, or right pole and left foot. This gives security, some protection against a fall.

Also, walking with the poles uses the upper body to contribute to locomotion. I am hoping that this extra assist in walking will help counter the extra weight of my backpack. The poles can assist on the climb up, and by putting them forward on the way down, they provide extra security.

Finally, walking with poles provides a momentum, a rhythm. But it is not always easy to keep it up!!!!

The last few kilometres, the steep climb from Olivares to Moclin, was a killer!


But the scenery was spectacular!

I was glad to arrive and get a bed and a meal.


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