I left my hat on the bus, but fortunately, a woman called out to me. I turned around. Eventually I recognised the word sombrero (my Spanish is largely dependent on old cowboy Western movies!) and retrieved my hat.

Mind you, I don’t think she was entirely altruistic. She called her friend to come up an sit in the seat I had vacated across the aisle from her. So there was some self-interest.

But I was very glad. I have become very fond of my hat. I am not used to wearing a hat, but in this sunny weather, it is a great idea to keep my head and face in the shade. And if the sun is behind me, I can tip it back and keep the sun off my neck.

Besides, I have discovered something else very clever about my hat. The brim and the top of my hat is made of Goretex, which is water proof. The inside of the hat has a special cloth headband and lining which absorbs moisture. This lining continues through the inside of the brim, so that all the perspiration which the lining mops up, instead of pouring down my face, is delivered through the brim and drops off the edge of the brim. It makes my walk more comfortable. Hence I have become very fond of my hat, and was very glad not to have left it behind.

I did leave my sunglasses and belt behind when rushing through the airport at Barcelona to catch the flight to Grenada, when I thought I had plenty of time, but the airline had told me the gates for the flight had closed. I did manage to get on the flight, but to my great surprise, the flight attendants allowed me to bring my backpack on board (it was way oversize, so I was glad to be the first passenger on board in that particular section of the aircraft and stuff it in the overhead locker before other passengers arrived, who had to pack their hand luggage around my backpack, while I kept my head down pretending insouciance!!) instead of putting it in the hold!

I have replaced the sunglasses. I have not replaced the belt. I miss it, as I had organised a belt for each pair of trousers (and I can only buy such items of clothing in big men’s shops!), but now I have to keep swapping it over, and the remaining belt is not as easy to unfasten as the lost one.

But I still have my hat, luckily!!


2 thoughts on “Hat

  1. Tony Leon

    Ultrëia Pat!

    Ultrëia is an old word (Latin?) for ‘onwards’. A traditional wish to weary peregrinos. It is believed that the response is SUSËIA which I think is ‘upward’.

    Here are the French lyrics to this old song:

    Ultreïa (French)

    Tous les matins nous prenons le Chemin,
    tous les matins nous allons plus loin,
    jour après jour la route nous appelle,
    c’est la voix de Compostelle!

    Ultreïa! Ultreïa! Et sus eia!
    Deus adjuva nos!

    Chemin de terre et Chemin de foi,
    voie millénaire de l’Europe,
    la voie lactée de Charlemagne,
    c’est le Chemin de tous les jacquets!

    Et tout là-bas au bout du continent,
    Messire Jacques nous attend,
    Depuis toujours son sourire fixe
    Le soleil qui meurt au Finisterre.

    Check out on YouTube on how this is sung.

    Ultrëia Pat


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