Cerro Muriano

My hosts for the night, Maria and Jan, were very kind. When I returned from the village after Palm Sunday Mass and a meal, they offered me a glass of wine and engaged me in conversation.

They are a Dutch couple. They had experienced the camino some years ago and had become enthusiasts. For a number of years they acted as “volunteers” for short periods during the summer on the Via de la Platte. Later, after retirement, they wanted to do more, so rented a house in Cerro Muriano and now receive pilgrims into their home.

They are very kind and happy to converse. I was able to compare the tourist map on which the Friends of the Camino had marked the streets for my exit from Cordoba with a proper city map. It confirmed my suspicions. They had sent on streets to the north-east, whereas the actual path wound more or less directly north. The end result was that I did two sides of a triangle to get out of town. My resolution, to follow the arrows as closely as possible, neither enthusiastic guide persons nor dated guide books, but follow the arrows on the ground.

In the middle of today I was looking for arrows without success, but fortunately God sent angels on wings, a couple of cyclists, who were able to reassure me that I could continue straight ahead – and sure enough, some few hundred metres later, I found an arrow.

In the late afternoon I met a real “angel”. The manager of the hostal/bar where I am staying is called Angel Garcia Ruiz!!!

Maria, Jan and I had a wide-ranging conversation, about camino, pilgrimage, Australia, Spain, multicultural society, and so on. It was good to be able to converse in English. It was a few glasses of wine and midnight before I get to bed!


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