A Real Angel!!!


His name is Angel Garcia Ruiz. He is the manager of the Bar Mirasierra in Villaharta where I stayed the past two nights. He was very welcoming and kind. He was enthusiastic and went to a lot of trouble to explain things, even though I struggled with the Spanish. He confirmed the travel possibilities for dividing this stage of the journey. When I and the Dutch couple agreed on doing these two stages over two days, he made all the arrangements for us. On both days, he provided me with a lunch (bread roll with ham and cheese and an apple). When we arrived at the designated point mid afternoon, I phoned Angel, since there was no taxi, he sent his son to collect us in his own car. He provided the evening meal, but instead of just giving a glass of wine, he would leave the bottle on the table. He understood when I said I had extra items from my luggage to be posted ahead, but I would be away walking when the post office was open. So while I was out, he went and found the information on postal rates, weighed my parcel himself, and arranged to post it the next day (I would again be gone before the post office opened). The next morning he drove us himself to the day’s starting point. Yes, I paid for the services, but what was more important was the kindness and warmth with which he provided the services. He lived up to his name. He is an “angel”!!!


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