Alcaracejos to Hinojosa del Duque

21.5 kms today. The early part of the morning was past farms. The pungent aromas of the dairy sheds reminded me of growing up on the farm at Manoora. Memories also of my brother, John, who worked there all his life.

This bull looked very placid as it stood over its mate, but I wouldn’t want to face it in the bullring, especially after it had been goaded into a rage. Steak for anyone?

In the village of Villaneuva del Duque (3.5 km) I noticed a stork in its nest atop the church steeple.
The way was mostly through lanes between and in the fields. The poppies provided bright colour.

Some of the scenery was quite lovely, this tree almost a “crucifixion” image for Holy Week.

I stopped for a break and “feet time” at the Ermita de la Virgen de Guia (Chapel to the Virgin of Joy).

I arrived at destination at about 3.00 pm. The Dutch couple, Rob and Anna-marie, who were ahead of me, were at a table in the bar, so it was a nice welcome.

I have been following them the past few days – they walk faster than I do – so to amuse myself, I would try to find their footprints along the way. Rob is wearing sandals due to blisters, and has a distinctive footprint with rectangles. Whenever I found his tracks, I was confident I was on the right path (or that we were both lost!?!?).

We found a place in the local albergue. We have had a meal. I hope to attend Mass. Then I have heard there is a local Semana Santa (Holy Week) procession. Should be interesting.

All in all, a very good day. It was quite hot during the walk. It was very still, so I was missing the occasional breeze of the previous day. I seem to be able to cover just under 4kms per hour, so am gradually building up the pace. So far, no foot troubles. Long may it continue.

I am not sure where I will be for the Easter Triduum. So I am simply let it happen. By God’s grace, I will be in the right place at the right time.



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