The Residence of the Hermanos Esclavos de Maria y de los Pobres (The Slave Brothers of Mary and of the Poor) cares for handicapped men. Volunteers also staff an albergue for pilgrims. There is an evening Mass at 6.45 for pilgrims (I guessed that some in the congregation were not accustomed to Catholic Mass as they were not sure when to sit/stand/kneel, but some belong to other churches, and some to none!) and for staff/residents who wish to attend. The service concluded with a blessing for all pilgrims. It was quite special.

Then at 7.30 the place provides a basic meal for pilgrims. For us it was water, bread, spaghetti, meat with salad, and a mandarin for dessert. We were about 20 pilgrims around the table, half a dozen German, one Austrian, one from Denmark, three French, one woman from California USA, a Belgian, an Australian …. a mini United Nations. We shared the washing up afterwards.

Later that evening, the view out the window of the third floor promised clear weather for the following day.


A red sky at night, a pilgrim’s delight!!


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