Asturianos to Peubla de Sanabria

A short day today, in honour of my birthday, only 15kms

Here’s a view of the day ahead:


Another still, warm to hot, sunny day.

Again, the figures speak for themselves.

Arrived at Palacios de Sanabria (3km) at 8.45am i.e. 45 minutes

Arrived Remesal (3kms) at 9.30am i.e. 45 minutes

Arrived Otero de Sanabria (3.5kms) at 10.15am i.e. 45 minutes

Arrived Triufe (2.5km) at 11.00am i.e. 45 minutes (where I had a break for a late breakfast).

Arrived Puebla de Sanabria (4kms) at 12.30am i.e. one hour, where I settled in to the albergue, did my washing, had a shower and a bite to eat.

As with yesterday, the villages were all quite near to one another. At one stage, all too brief, I passed through another shady lane of trees.


I also took time to enjoy the flowers.


You may have noticed that the greenery looks more luxurious, more verdant. This is certainly true. I am not yet in Galicia, but near to it. They say that it always rains in Galicia! It is not true, of course, there are clear days, but Galicia does have a high rainfall, which makes it a lush, green countryside. I am beginning to see that difference in the flora already.

But one downside of the higher rainfall is that the paths can be wetter. Already this morning I had to pass through some muddy, marshy patches on the camino path. I take them very carefully, as I don’t want to fall over!


My outstanding memory of the morning’s walk was the many birdcalls. Again, the countryside was peaceful, blissful, serene, calm. The birdcalls only enhanced the sense of peace and beauty.

This lasted for as long as I walked through wooded country, up to Otero de Sanabria, but after that the path moved out of the wood and more into open scrubland, shrubbery, following a road to the destination of Puebla de Sanabria.

But now it is time to do some exploring the town.



5 thoughts on “Asturianos to Peubla de Sanabria

  1. Pakistan Mission Jesuits

    Dear Pat,

    A Happy Birthday for yesterday.

    Thanks for the news and the photos.

    It is a pleasure to journey with you.

    You look good and not so many more days before you start another viaggo.


    God bless. Renato

  2. Danny

    Happy birthday Pat! Also congratulations on reaching your new exalted status of senior citizen. Not sure it’s going to be that great back here with the new budget to be released today promising many changes for all including seniors.. Cheers Danny


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