Ourenze – Rest Day

I am having a quiet, rest day in Ourenze. When the usual early morning stirring began in the albergue I rolled over and ignored it! It was a great feeling of laziness! Eventually, I rose and checked out around 8.00am. Michael and Denis, fellow pilgrims, did the same. Normally, one is only allowed one night in an albergue, though concession of a further night is granted for sickness.

We had breakfast in a bar, then left our backpacks at a hostal – we could not check in until last nights’ guests had left. Michael and Denis went off to enjoy the thermal baths. I went to the Cathedral for Sunday Mass.

I found the sacristy and introduced myself. As I had hoped, I was invited to concelebrate the Sunday Morning Mass at the main altar of the Cathedral, along with about 5 other Spanish concelebrants and the principal celebrant.


The principal celebrant preparing the offertory gifts at the main altar.


The small congregation, at the end of the distribution of Holy Communion.

Afterwards, I had a look around the Cathedral. It is quite a spectacular building.


The walls and roof are quite simple, plain stone, little or no decoration. But some of the back altar pieces and side chapels are very ornate and richly decorated. I found it less “clustered” than some of the other cathedrals I have been in, mainly because there is only one floor space for the whole cathedral, rather than the central nave being sectioned off.

I have had lunch – beer and garlic prawns – and am now going to check into my room in the hostal and have a good rest. Dinner with pilgrim companions later, then an early night in preparation for whatever tomorrow holds (I already know it includes another steep climb!!)



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