Two followers of the blog pointed out an error in what I posted yesterday (lucky some people are paying attention!) and another follower made a further comment.

The statue in the parish Church of Santiago that I identified as Santiago Peregrino (Saint James, Pilgrim), is in fact San Roque (Saint Roche, Saint Rock). Saint Roche is also a pilgrim, wearing the same pilgrim garb as St James. Hence, my mistake.

However, to distinguish him, Saint Roche is always accompanied by his faithful dog. He is the patron saint of dogs.

The other distinguishing/identifying sign is the pointing finger. He is not pointing to his hosiery, or the turn of his leg, but rather to the cut/wound on his leg, which is related to the plague. Saint Roche served and healed many people afflicted by plague, and caught the disease himself. He is considered the patron of those threatened by plague.

My apologies for the error. I will do suitable penance as I complete the camino walk into Santiago!

As to the further comment, Saint Peregrine is another saint, also often shown pointing to his leg. In his case, he had been diagnosed with cancer and the surgeon was about to amputate the leg, but after a night of devotion in which Peregrine saw the Lord descend and touch his leg, when the doctors arrived next morning for the operation and could find no trace of the cancer, a miracle was declared. Accordingly, Saint Peregrine is the patron saint of those suffering from cancer.


2 thoughts on “Correction!

  1. Angela

    You seem to to be near the end.never knew it would take so long. And now you’re finishing half the man you were. Well done Pat.


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