Santiago de Compostella

I arrived in Santiago de Compostela this morning about 11.00am. I was able to concelebrate the Pilgrim’s Mass in the Cathedral at midday.



I did not have internet access yesterday to upload a post. I have not had time today to write a post. I hope to update the blog over the next couple of days.

Many thanks for the prayers, support and encouragement along the way!!


15 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostella

    1. Patrick McInerney Post author

      Lorraine and Peter, Many thanks for your support along the way, for sharing the journey, and for sharing my delight at having completed the Camino Mozarabe. Patrick

    2. Patrick McInerney Post author

      Lorraine and Peter, Thanks for your note, and for your interest and support along the way. Much appreciated. One journey is completed; another now begins. Regards, Patrick

  1. Leo & Jenni

    Hi Pat. Congrats on completing one part of your great journey! We look forward to a curry & a few yarns @ Macaw Creek when you get back to the Gilbert Valley. Much love from the Reddens

  2. Pakistan Mission Jesuits

    Dear Pat,

    It looks as if was cold and wet in Santiago de Compostella. And lots of Pilgrims.

    All the best as you come near the end of your journey and travels.

    Only to begin another- but not with your “support sticks.”

    Keep well and mange bene.

    God bless Renato

    On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 11:24 AM, Pilgrim P

    1. Patrick McInerney Post author

      Philip, I have been doing the pilgrim rituals in the Cathedral today. I will have a good meal tonight and see more sights tomorrow. Thanks for the congrats! Patrick

  3. James McInerney

    Congratulations on a walk well done. Enjoy Santiago. Have a drink at O Bispo tapas bar, or better still, dinner. Look forward to your detailed post.

    1. Patrick McInerney Post author

      James, Thanks for congratulations! Found the O Bispo bar and had tapas dinner there last night. Concelebrated Pilgrim’s Mass again yesterday and explored the Cathedral. Later in the day visited two museums, one on Santiago, the other on pilgrimage. Very interesting. Will update blog when I have time.


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