Tomb of King David

Thursday 19th June 2014

After visiting the Armenian Cathedral of St James, I went further south and out Zion Gate to Mount Zion. There is the reputed site of the Tomb of King David. In the walkway leading in to the site is a golden statue of the King playing a harp.

Statue of King David, Mount Zion

Statue of King David, Mount Zion

The site is very complex. The tomb is located on the ground floor, where there are also several synagogues. The upper level is the traditional site of the “Upper Room” of the Last Supper and Pentecost in the Christian tradition, but which for a long time was a Muslim mosque. And there is a Muslim minaret above that.

As you enter the building through an archway and turn left and left again towards the tomb area, there are separate paths for men and women. The paths are divided by a wall, but both lead to the same place, the reported tomb of King David. The actual tomb on the men’s side is preceded by a small area where there are desks and chairs for reading the scriptures, for study and prayer. The actual tomb area continues the same segregation, divided by panels with Hebrew text.

The Tomb of King David

The Tomb of King David

The tomb is covered in a white cloth with inscriptions. Devout Jews come here to pray, to meditate, to study.

For more information on the Tomb of King David see:’s_Tomb

Shalom, Peace, Salaam!!!


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